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A fun and explorative palpatory anatomy app.

This useful visual resource is based on content from Trail Guide to the Body and led by author Andrew Biel. Watch detailed, high-definition videos on how to identify and palpate 91 essential muscles, including tips for isolating bony landmarks, attachment sites, and muscle borders. In addition, access more than 200 muscle overlay images for visualizing underlying anatomy. Available only at the App Store.

Features of this app include:

  • Techniques for engaging and palpating the muscle.
  • Presentation of more than 200 muscle overlay images from the Trail Guide to the Body textbook to help the viewer visualize underlying anatomy during palpation.
  • Identification of bony landmarks, attachment sites, muscle borders, and attachments.
  • “Check-it” option for each muscle presentation so you can confirm the location of the muscle you are palpating.

The straightforward menu selection makes for easy search capabilities. This app will become your personal tutor and is a great on-the-go educational tool. Designed to be viewed in landscape or portrait mode.

Offered only at the App Store for iPhones and iPads. Click on the App Store icon below to view multiple screenshots and to purchase.